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We are music production team in Tokyo.


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BAL is a professional music production team. Members are Yuji Naito and Kazu Yamadaya, we are high school classmates. We became famous by composing the music of PC games hit in 2002 "Cherry petals fall like teardrops...". We joined the game music production team "Angel Note" in 2004. We have composed a lot of songs and I'd like to make many music from now on. Thank you.

  • Music Production

    • ● Song writing, Composition, Arrangement, Mixing, Mastering
    • ● Coordinate musicians (Vocalist, Songwriter, Player, etc)
    • ● Playing the guitar and bass, recording.
  • Recording of Vocals, Narration and Instruments.

    • ● You can record at our partner studio in Sasazuka, Tokyo. We can also record business trips.
  • Recording Live Concert

    • ● Recording is possible at various venues. Club, Arena, Concert Hall, Outdoor festival.


Yuji Naito

Yuji Naito

Compose, Arrangement, Guitars
Sometimes Lyrics & Design

From Tokyo, Japan
Birthday:June 12th

He has made many music. The music he makes feels rock and blues. He values melody and guitar sound, but when arranging, he is careful not to overuse many instruments.

Favorite Things:
Saitama Seibu Lions, Curry,
Running, Karaoke

Favorite Artist:
Tatsuro Yamashita, AC/DC,
Sakanaction etc.

Twitter (Naito)

Kaz Yamadaya

Kaz Yamadaya

Compose, Arrangement, Bass
Recording Engineer

From Saitama, Japan
Birthday:January 19th

He is a composer, arranger and bass pleyer, but he has a long career as a recording engineer. He is recording a lot of artists. And recently we are focusing on recording live concerts.

Favorite Things:
Hit the gym, Starbucks,
Repair the machine, Driving

Favorite Artist:
BOΦWY, Tetsuya Komuro,
Namie Amuro etc.

Twitter (Yamada)


Vocal Songs

You can listen to our songs on Youtube.

Instrumental Music

You can listen to our instrumental music at Soundcloud.

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